1. What if I'm allergic to an ingredient? Reach out to me via contact form regarding any special requests or accommodations you may need. I will be more than happy to assist you.
  2. When is my order prepared? If your order is placed before 4PM CST, your order will be prepared and shipped the next business day. Orders placed after 4PM CST may have still have a possibility of being made and shipped the next business day. I ship orders the same day they are made for optimal freshness. Keep an eye out for your tracking number.
  3. Do you accept returns or exchanges? Due to COVID and it being a perishable item, I do not accept returns or exchanges. But I would like to resolve any issues that may arise and make sure you are a satisfied customer.
  4. Is there a cancellation fee? There is no cancellation fee. Although, I only accept cancellations if the item has not yet processed and shipped.
  5. What makes your syrups so special? I handcraft all of my simple syrups and sauces myself. I don't skimp out on the highest quality ingredients. I use All natural and organic ingredients are my priority. Because of this, all of my syrups and sauces are small batch and made to order. The good stuff's expensive, you know.
  6. What if I have a delay or problem with shipment and/or it'll arrive later then anticipated ? Reach out to me ASAP via contact form. I want to make sure you get a product that is as fresh as it can be.
  7. Do you do bulk orders? Because my items are small batch , my workspace is not set up for bulk orders at the moment. But stay tuned, this may very well be an option soon enough.
  8. Have a question you don't see? Contact me, I will be more than happy to answer any questions and concerns.